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Dear Raidcallers,
Be careful about fake badge links, if in any badge form they ask you, to type your ID, Password, email address, those are fake , don't fill in those forms, real badge form asks for your Raidcall ID only. read the details in this post, please
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  • RaidCall for Mac OSX?

    Hey everyone, I have a bunch of friends that use RC and I see there isn't a software download for any Apple products, is there somewhere I can get this on a trusted website or does anyone know if RaidCall is going to create a software for Mac users? Please let me know, thanks!

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    There is no official and 'safe' mac version of RaidCall at the moment. There are some websites which offer a cracked version of RaidCall for mac, but these should of course not be used (or at your own risk). I have heard of some people though using sandboxes for windows to use RaidCall on a mac os. As for developing an official mac version, I'm not sure.
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      Since I can't seem to edit my post i will add it here:
      There are some websites which offer a RaidCall version for MAC, but these websites are of course in no relation to RaidCall and should not be used (or only at your own risk).

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    Thanks roczyu, there is no RaidCall official version for MAC yet.