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Dear Raidcallers,
Be careful about fake badge links, if in any badge form they ask you, to type your ID, Password, email address, those are fake , don't fill in those forms, real badge form asks for your Raidcall ID only. read the details in this post, please
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  • Connection Error: Error Code 22 PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Yea so whats the deal with this? been using Raidcall for past 2 months just fine and i try to load it today and BAM error code 22... i'm obviously on the internet and I've been running it as administrator also

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    • sooooooo no one can help me with this?!?!? I've rebooted - reinstalled RaidCall - everything!!

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    Error Code (22) might be caused by the following reasons:

    1). Bad Internet connection speed
    2). Firewall or Antivirus software

    Here is a possible solution for this problem:

    1). Test your internet connection speed( and contact your ISP provider. It could be that your internet connection is running at an unsatisfactory speed.
    2). Try disabling your firewall and/or antivirus software or reconfiguring the security settings to unblock RaidCall. According to the feedback from our users, another cause for the problem with the log in time-out is possibly caused by the NVIDIA firewall Network Access Manager.

    You can remove it from your computer by following these few, easy steps:

    control panel → programs and features → NVIDIA ForceWare Network Access Manager Uninstall
    Afterwards, attempt to connect to RaidCall.

    Regards, Lock.